A disagreeable blog about Finance


[…] and then 2020 came, and that was the year in which everyone put out a heartfelt proposition to never again have a year this bad.

Oh boy, were they in for a ride!

If you are landing on these pages for the first time, welcome.

My real name isn’t actually Sacro. I’m married. I live in Italy. My superpower is coarse realism, which of course is unpopular. For some reason I happen to be good with psychology, computers, data and probabilities. This is it: an author introduction I’m comfortable with.

I’m into Economics and Finance. I dabble into macro analysis, market psychology, chaotic systems, trading and fund management

In this place that you reached I don’t sell anything.
I don’t market or sponsor any product or service.
There are no affiliate links or partnerships, or ads.

I just narrate what I see in the markets.

I am putting this content out because people ask me how to make money in the markets, ready to listen closely to anything I might say (besides “I’m not your financial advisor“, of course). But at the same time, very few show interest when it’s me who wants to talk about what happened, and what is about to happen, to our money, and our lifestyle.

If you live in any so-called western economy, then your well-being, your life, its quality and outlook are at the whim of the financial world and, more importantly, its long-term manipulations.

We are caught within an uneven and silent war. And I guess this place has become my coping method.

Sometimes I rant.
Sometimes I teach.
I’m writing stuff because I care, for anyone who listens.